Emergency Care

In case of an orthodontic emergency like a broken bracket or poking wire, stay calm and assess the situation. If it’s not causing discomfort, you can wait until your next appointment. But if you’re in pain or discomfort, contact us right away. We will provide guidance and may schedule an emergency visit. We’re here to assist you during emergencies, so reach out for help when needed.

Minor Orthodontic Problems

  • Sore Teeth– During the first few days after braces are first placed on your teeth or adjusted, your teeth may feel sore. Eating soft foods, enjoying a cold drink, or taking over-the-counter pain medications may help.

  • Mouth Sores– Another common issue with braces is that they may irritate the inside of your lips and cheeks, leading to sores. A good remedy is to apply some orthodontic wax on the areas of the braces that are causing discomfort. If you’re out of wax, you can easily find it at numerous drugstores, or feel free to reach out to us, and we’ll provide it for you.

  • Broken or Loose Braces/Brackets – Brushing too hard or eating hard foods might result in a bracket becoming loose or detaching. In such a case, attempt to gently remove the bracket and get in touch with our office to determine if you need an appointment for its replacement.
  • Poking or Loose Wire If a wire becomes dislodged, you may be able to carefully reposition it using a Q-tip or the clean end of a pencil eraser. To alleviate discomfort from protruding wires, orthodontic wax can be applied. As a final measure, the ends of the wires might be trimmed using sterilized clippers.

  • Loose Teeth It’s normal for teeth to feel somewhat loose during orthodontic treatment, as the braces apply gentle pressure and force to move the teeth into their new alignment.

True Orthodontic Emergencies

  •  Injuries to the Mouth or Face Trauma or blows to the mouth and face can lead to various severe issues, such as cuts inside the lips and cheeks from the braces, broken brackets, and snapped wires. These injuries often result from falls or sports-related incidents, like being struck in the mouth with a ball (hence the importance of always wearing a mouthguard). In the event of a mouth or facial injury, it’s crucial to seek immediate care from us or your dentist. An X-ray might be necessary to assess the severity of the injury and determine the appropriate treatment plan.

  • Shifted or Broken Teeth In certain instances, a severe mouth injury can result in a tooth being dislodged or fractured. The presence of braces can further complicate this situation. Under these circumstances, it’s typically necessary to consult an oral surgeon for treatment. They will focus on repairing your teeth. Following this,we will take care of replacing or adjusting any brackets or wires, ensuring that your teeth are realigned properly.
  • Swollen or Infected Gums and Teeth Addressing infections in the gums and teeth promptly is crucial, as these can arise from bacterial infections due to inadequate dental hygiene or from allergies. If you suspect an infection, please inform us so we can assist in determining an appropriate treatment plan.

  • Severe Pain in the Mouth, Teeth, or Face Intense pain may stem from an injury, infection, or another underlying issue. Should you experience persistent pain, it’s important to seek a prompt evaluation to identify the cause and receive appropriate treatment.



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