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Orthodontic Team

At Todd Harmon Orthodontics, our dedicated team is fully devoted to providing you and your family with an exceptional orthodontic experience. From the moment you schedule your complimentary consultation to the exciting journey of getting your braces, we are here to support and guide you at every step. Our commitment lies in ensuring that you receive the utmost care and personalized attention throughout your orthodontic treatment.

Christine – Treatment Coordinator

Christine joined Todd Harmon Orthodontics in February of 2023. She enjoys the family-oriented relationships that are cultivated within the orthodontic office.

Outside of work, Christine enjoys cooking, fishing, and camping,  activities that allow her to unwind and connect with nature. Her inspiration comes from her mom, who serves as a guiding light in her life.

Building new connections is what Christine loves most about her job, as she cherishes the opportunity to get to know new people. When it comes to food, seafood and steaks are her favorite and her dream vacation is to go to Australia and bring along her partner to share the experience.

Although she doesn’t watch much TV, Christine enjoys spending quality time with her family during holidays, with Easter being a favorite when she makes confetti eggs. In terms of sports, Christine loves watching football and baseball, though she doesn’t have a specific favorite team. We are so happy to have Christine on our team!

Grace – Front Office Coordinator

Grace brings her expertise and enthusiasm to Todd Harmon Orthodontics, joining the team in 2018. With a background in general dentistry, she has thoroughly enjoyed expanding her knowledge in the field of orthodontics. Learning from an exceptional doctor and being part of an amazing team have been the highlights of her journey.

Outside of work, Grace shares her life with her loving husband, Russell. They have known each other since junior high and have two adult children, Aaron and Madeline. One of their shared passions is traveling, creating beautiful memories together.

What Grace loves most about her job is being involved in the entire process, witnessing the transformation from the beginning to the end. Seeing patients achieve beautiful and healthy smiles brings her immense satisfaction and a sense of fulfillment.

If given the opportunity, Grace’s dream vacation destination would be Italy, and she would undoubtedly take her beloved husband, Russell, along to share in the adventure and create lasting memories. Grace’s furry companions include two adorable Yorkies named Isabella and Little Bit.

Darlene – Financial Coordinator

Darlene has been an integral part of Todd Harmon Orthodontics since 2019.  Darlene finds great joy in her work as she gets to connect with patients every day.

Outside of the office, Darlene enjoys watching movies and spending quality time with her family. Whether it’s a trip to the park or simply enjoying each other’s company, these moments hold a special place in her heart.

One of the things she loves most about her job is the camaraderie she shares with her front desk coworkers. Their teamwork and positive work environment make every day enjoyable and fulfilling.

Darlene cherishes the moments spent with her family. Whether it’s simply spending quality time together or engaging in fun activities, these family moments are priceless to her.

Prabha – Professional Relations Coordinator

Prabha Abraham is our Professional Relations Coordinator who brings a unique passion and expertise to the role. Her journey into orthodontics has been marked by a love for the family-oriented environment that Dr Harmon offers. Prabha takes immense joy in witnessing the confidence boost our patients experience after achieving their perfect smile.

Outside of work, Prabha has been married for 20 years to her childhood Sunday School classmate, she is a proud parent to Nicolas, Ryan, and Sofia. Her life is enriched by her deep faith, an enjoyment of diverse cuisines, and a love for crime thrillers. Actively involved in her church, she cherishes passing down her Orthodox faith to her children.

Prabha’s favorite cuisine is Indian, with Aga’s in Houston being a top choice for dining. Given the opportunity, Prabha dreams of exploring the rich cultures and landscapes of Europe with her family.

Family time is precious to her, whether it’s traveling abroad, enjoying boba tea runs, or watching “Stranger Things.” Her family also includes Zoe, a beloved chocolate labradoodle, adding more joy to their lives

Crystal – Clinical Assistant

Crystal has been an integral part of Todd Harmon Orthodontics since  2006. Her passion for orthodontics, however, dates back even further, as she started working in the field in 1994.

Outside of the office, Crystal cherishes her role as a wife of over 20 years and a mother to two boys. Exploring different wineries and breweries is a favorite pastime for her, indulging in the diverse flavors and experiences they offer.

Crystal finds inspiration in meeting new faces and personalities, relishing the opportunity to help individuals achieve the smile they deserve. She takes pride in being a part of their orthodontic journey, supporting them along the way.

As a sports enthusiast, Crystal has a particular fondness for baseball and passionately supports the Houston Astros. 

Alyssa – Clinical Assistant

Alyssa is a dedicated member of the Todd Harmon Orthodontics team. Her enthusiasm for the art of orthodontics shines through in every aspect of her work, but there’s more to Alyssa than her work. An avid runner and gym enthusiast, she’s as committed to her personal fitness as she is to her patients’ dental health.

Outside the gym, you can often find Alyssa at her church or with her family. Her spiritual compass is heavily influenced by her mother, an unwavering woman of faith who has always been Alyssa’s guiding light. Drawing inspiration from her mother’s dedication to family and faith, Alyssa has always aspired to be the role model her younger siblings can look up to. As she’s grown, the lessons from her mother continue to shape her choices and actions, ensuring her loved ones are always cared for.

Sundays hold a special place in Alyssa’s heart. Post-church gatherings often see her family BBQing and spending quality time outdoors. And then, there’s Nyla, Alyssa’s adorable cat. Their story began at a shelter when Nyla, in a heartwarming gesture, reached out with her paw. That simple act sealed their bond, and Nyla has been Alyssa’s emotional anchor ever since, filling her days with warmth and love.

Sierra – Clinical Assistant

Sierra, a Clinical Assistant at Todd Harmon Orthodontics, finds joy in witnessing the transformative moment when patients see their new smiles after braces removal. Raised in El Campo with her parents and two sisters, Sierra, the middle child, enjoys spending her free time with friends, traveling, shopping, and indulging in pedicures.

Professionally, she loves meeting new patients and takes pride in educating them about oral hygiene and brace care. Her favorite food is hibachi, and her dream vacation involves snow-covered mountains.

Sierra’s secret TV binge is “Vampire Diaries,” and she adores celebrating Christmas, especially enjoying neighborhood decorations and gift-giving. An outdoor enthusiast, she treasures family time spent outdoors.

Sierra’s pets, two shih-tzus named Stella and Maggie, are the spoiled members of her family.


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